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10 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Free guide to anti-procrastination tactics that don’t involve browbeating yourself. It comes with your subscription to my newsletter!


Free, drop-in sessions where we all set goals, do a guided meditation to get in the zone, work for an hour, and then celebrate our accomplishments.

Strategy Session

Free 1-1 video call with me! When you try to fix all of your productivity issues at once, or use the wrong techniques, it’s discouraging — which just makes it even harder to get things done! So I’m helping people get clarity — how should you start your productivity journey?

Discernment Session

A single coaching session to help you figure out whether you’re avoiding a task of fear…or out of wisdom. Should you find a way through your procrastination? Or just embrace the joy of missing out?

Painless Productivity

A full coaching engagement to get to the root of your procrastination and change it for good. Check out the details and book a free consultation to see if it makes sense for you.