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Discernment Session

So there’s a project on your plate that puts a knot in your stomach, and you keep avoiding it.

Maybe there’s a job you really feel like you should apply to, but you can’t bring yourself to do it.

Or an art project you thought you were all about, but now you’ve lost interest.

And you found yourself on my website looking for ways to push through it, but then you realized…maybe it’s just not the right thing to do.

Maybe you’d be miserable at that job.

Maybe that art project isn’t the one the world needs to see.

Or maybe, you’re just afraid it’ll be hard, and vulnerable.

If you can’t tell whether that knot in your stomach is something you need to outgrow or something you should listen to, bring it into a discernment session. We’ll find out what that knot is trying to tell you and what the brave, wise side of you wants to do about it.

Uncovering your subconscious motivation is often quick and easy—you don’t need ink blots, a dream journal, or to get “very sleepy.” You just have to make a little space for it to come out by quieting the other parts of your mind, which I’ll help you do.

Although I have techniques for keeping this safe, some people are better off working with their subconscious in the care of a therapist. You’re a good candidate for working with me if:

  • you’re not currently in crisis mode or in an abusive situation.
  • you feel safe tuning into your thoughts and feelings. For instance, if you try meditation or yoga, you don’t have a flashback or panic attack.
  • you don’t have coping mechanisms that can cause lasting harm. On your worst day, you might eat ice cream straight out of the tub and stay up late scrolling, but you don’t engage in self-harm, violence towards others, behaviors that could cause overdose, or anything you consider seriously harmful.
  • you don’t have (C)PTSD, DID/OSDD, or psychosis. Some people aren’t sure if they qualify as having CPTSD/if they’ve healed enough from it, so a good rule of thumb is to only sign up if you can find a place in your body that feels safe. I’ll guide you to do this at the beginning of our session and if it doesn’t work, I’ll refund you.

Discernment Sessions are a new offering, but here’s a testimonial that speaks to how my approach is helpful for self-discovery:

Working with Presley felt like being guided by a friend who wants the best for you but will tell you the hard truths, except Presley just gently guides and you discover what is true for you.

Anne K.

If you’d like to explore your motivations with me, book your session here:

Policies: You can cancel this session up to 24 hours before it starts for a full refund. There is no fee for rescheduling the session. If you miss a session without notice, you have one opportunity to reschedule it. If you miss the rescheduled time as well, the session is forfeited. If this price is a hardship for you, contact me for a sliding scale.

Not ready to book? Send me any questions you have, join my newsletter, or try one of my free coworking sessions.