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Free Strategy Session

Are you tired of trying every new productivity hack and getting nowhere?

Do you keep getting excited about a technique and then losing steam and forgetting to do it?

Do tricks that work for other people not seem to work for you?

Are you starting to feel discouraged, which makes it even harder to get things done?

Don’t worry — that actually makes a lot of sense.

Productivity isn’t just one thing

The ability to go from idea to accomplishment isn’t just one skill — it’s a whole bunch of abilities working together in concert.

You can endlessly optimize one piece of the puzzle and still not make real progress because your biggest issue lies elsewhere.

So it’s important to choose what you focus on based on your own needs, not based on the trendiest bullet journal spreads or life hacks.

Let’s form a strategy

In this 50-minute video call, I’ll ask you about your biggest struggles with productivity and help you find the patterns and likely causes of them. Then I’ll make suggestions about lifestyle changes, systems, and/or inner work that I think would help you with your most pressing issue.

If it’s a good fit, I might recommend working with me as a way to implement part of your strategy, but it’s totally okay to book a strategy session even if you’re not looking for a full coaching engagement.

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